Lyric And Video Stik Figa - Cold

Lyric And Video Stik Figa - Cold

Stik Figa - Cold

Aint letting a sucker disturb my sleep,
say it to my face if them words is deep,
or I can't even take it personally,
you dealing with issues internally.
He talking so tough wouldn't hurt a flea,
some of them rats even worse police,
got money to make ain't concerned with beef,
got babies and family I work to feed,
you dealing with giants I'm Hercules,
grown folk talk wait your turn to speak,
pull down your skirt take your purse and leave,
and get off my dick, probably hurt your knees.
Put in the work and I earned my keep,
four-alarm blaze emergency,
he ain't getting burn and his verses weak,
so why they be calling him 3rd Degree?
Still sucker free with the sucker repellent,
you ain't the only one in touch with a felon,
big dog in the yard and you tucking you tail in,
you tough as a titty, tough as your nail is.
Man who is you telling? I'm telling the truth,
you tell on your niggas then fail to produce
no XXL but excel in the booth,
beats in the coffin and nails in the roof.


These niggas is petty bro,
we fonkin' then let me know,
then back to my schedule,
taking it slow chasin' fetti tho' (repeat 2x)
This game, this world (repeat 2x)

These suckas be lying bout whipping the work,
these suckas be lying bout flipping a bird,
say that they pimping ain't living a word,
say that they balling like Pippen and Bird,
they keep on lying bout this and the third,
these suckas they really just get on my nerve,
you ain't from the bricks and you live in the 'burbs,
claiming these hoods and ain't been to the turf,
boy you need Jesus man get to the church,
boy you need Jesus just get to the church,
it's twenty-sixteen just admit you a nerd,
twenty sixteen just admit you a nerd


Stik Figa - Cold Lyric And Video
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